A lot of you ‘submissives’ don’t fucking get what worshipping means, these are examples of what you think it means, 

  • "I want to worship you by stroking my hard cock."
  • "I want to suck dick deeply for you, show you how much I worship you." 
  • "I want to cum for you." 

What the fuck does that have to do with me? Nothing. It does nothing for me, and has nothing to do with me, but everything to do with your ugly dick. These are things are you already *want* to do, you just want a hot girl to watch you do these things. That is not worshipping. I don’t give a fuck about your gross useless dick. I know you have to get it hard so you’re more submissive, but I don’t care about your dick. I don’t. It means nothing to me. I laugh at it, like I laugh at the rest of you. 

Worshipping me means actually worshipping me. I am a church, a fucking God, you are a lowly dirty follower. You are coming to me, begging me for my attention. You come to me with money. You come to me showing me through pain and suffering and sacrifice how much you need me in your life. You are not going to get my time for free. You are not going to get my time by simply stroking your dick. The point of you is to make me happy. I am a greedy sadist. You give me everything in order to make me happy. Money, and your comfort. Every time you are uncomfortable, every time something hurts, you are reminded of me and you are happy to be in this pain for me. 

Stop thinking worshipping me has something to do with your cock. Your cock is worthless. I don’t care about it. No one cares about it. It means nothing and I mean everything and therefore dick does not have a place in worship. It is insufficient. Prove yourself. 

Like I always say, nobody cares about your dick as much as you do.




The bane of my existence is men who can’t read. I am very upfront with who I am, what I like, and what I expect. But men continuously expect me to be whatever they want and expect me to be a talking pull string doll that says ‘You’re a loser’ ‘Stroke for me’ 1000x times and giggles. I’m an actual domme, I’m not playing pretend, this is not fantasy for me. I want you to know, I want you to be very aware of your place. And your place is beneath me. Your place is crawling on your hands and knees, scraping them to get close enough to me so I can look at you, see you, all your weak spots, and destroy you. To make you very aware of how pathetic, and disgusting you are. To make you feel dirty and unwanted and lost. My humiliation is genuine and real, that is what makes it so harsh because you can’t fucking run from it. You can’t just hang up the phone and breathe a sigh of relief that it was fantasy. No, you will feel broken and you won’t be able to get my words out of your mind. A lot of men think humiliation is ‘using’ them sexually, fucking them with a strap on, or having them clean out another mans cum or some bullshit. I would never fuck you. You are sexually dead to me. Your cock, who you are, you are useless, mediocre, boring. As a man, worthless. Don’t call me if you think I’ll allow you to force your inane fantasies on me.  You are actually a loser, you actually a piece of shit. I am not someone who will fulfill your fantasies, I am someone who will beat you with truth, who will make you fucking choke on it. I want to find all your weak spots and I want to destroy you with them, I want you fucking shattered. Do not call for humiliation if you cannot handle this. Do call for humiliation if you expect me to just call you a loser while you jerk off in the background. You know deep down how worthless and pathetic you are, you know deep down you are fucking scum, stop pretending you’re a person, call me and I’ll let you see how submissive you can actually get. Stop pretending. 


Real Time UK Financial Domination with Madame Says

Sub d has been to see Me before, back when I did real time domination sessions. He came to worship My feet and try to instal the professional pole dancing pole he had bought Me from My wish list. I had him up inside My roof trying to see where the ceiling would be solid enough for it! He bought all kinds of things from My wish list from Marc Jacob’s bracelets, to dress, chocolates, flowers and pantyhose.

He had asked Me to allow him to take Me shopping months ago but I had other things going on before I could accommodate his request. I also wanted to give him time to save up enough to make it worth My while. Luckily for sub d, he is a true service oriented submissive so he is a pleasure to interact with.

The day was finally upon us and he surprised Me by saying he had saved £100 more than he had thought he would bring, this pleased Me a great deal.

I then allowed him to count out each note at My feet before we went into town.

Having checked it was all there, all £450 of it, we set off for town!

Sub d followed Me around patiently like a puppy while I looked at everything and handed over whatever I wanted. He would often ask Me if there was anything else I wanted before we would head to the cashiers. At the cashiers, I simply went and looked at more things while he paid and then followed Me out of the store carrying the bags.

We went into many stores and eventually My feet got sore in My heels, so I had him pick out a pair of flats at Office, he chose the exact pair that I had My eyes on which was cute. Whenever I tried on shoes, I teased him about getting a hard on in front of all the other customers in the store which turned him bright red. Of course I made him fetch and replace every pair and carry whatever I needed carrying wether or not he could fit it all on his hands, eventually it was a hard task as he was carrying so many bags!

We stopped for a coffee break and had a chat about the state of Financial Domination today and what true service oriented submission means from his and My point of view. I love to be able to have an actual intellectual conversation with a submissive male.

Then we headed off for round two. I bought lingerie and a new bikini, some Juicy Couture sunglasses and Steve Madden heels, we popped into Holland & Barret for Me to stock up on My healthy supplements and picked up a few bits and pieces here and there before heading out to lunch.

At the last shop he only had £140 left and while he was paying for what I picked out, I was off looking at other things in the store and came across a cute studded leather handbag, I plomped it down on the counter and said “and this” before walking off to wait for him by the door. I noticed a guy in the queue behind us eyeing us with envy and just gave him a smug wink!

When sub d joined Me in the car after paying for the parking, he told Me that he had found a spare £40 in his wallet which he had set aside for his recent work trip overseas and that it was for Me to have. I let him count out the remainder of the cash at My feet once we got back to My house before having him massage My tired feet with some cream. That was delicious!

Once I was properly satisfied, I finally allowed him to worship My feet with his eager tongue which had him in sub space immediately so he had to lie down with his face under My feet while I chatted to him about Findom. That conversation turned into an hour long chat about what turns real sub missives on and the differences we now find today.

All in all, it was a lovely day, spent with a wonderful sub who lamented on how he wished he could be at the level of the kind I want expressed on My Be Owned page. I explained that even tho I don’t own him, I am happy to allow him to serve Me as he does so with honour and humility.

This gave Me a new idea to create a middle ground between being owned by Me and simply buying My content. A space where the middle ground submissive like himself can find a place to also serve Me.

A goddess is a woman who emerges from deep within herself. She is a woman who has honestly explored her darkness and learned to celebrate her light. She is a woman who is able to fall in love with the magnificent possibilities within her. She is a woman who knows of the magic and mysterious places inside her, the sacred places that can nurture her soul and make her whole. She is a woman who radiates light. She is magnetic. She walks into a room and male and female alike feel her presence. She has power and softness at the same time. She has powerful sexual energy that’s not dependent on physical looks. She has a body that she adores and it shows by the way she comfortably lives and moves in it. She cherishes beauty, light and love. She is a woman who can ask for help when she needs it or give help when asked. She respects boundaries, hers and another’s. She can see God in another’s eyes. She can see God in her own. She can see God in every life situation. She is woman who takes responsibility for everything she creates in her life. She is a woman who is totally supportive and giving. She is a Goddess…
(via budddha)